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Ferihegy Airport (BUD)


Ferihegy is located 10 miles (16 km) southeast of the center of Budapest.

Taxis are available outside the terminal. Avoid drivers inside the terminal who are looking for business. Go to the taxi stand instead. If there is a meter in the car, make sure it is on, otherwise negotiate the fare before leaving the taxi queue. The fare should be about 7,000 forints ($28).

An excellent alternative to the taxi is the Airport Coach service which will take you to almost any destination in the center of the city. Look for the shuttle bus sign after you leave the customs area. The fare will be about 600 forints ($3), depending on your stop. You can purchase a ticket on the coach. It is a reliable service and will take you right to your hotel. It may be crowded at times, but is easier than negotiating for a taxi.

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All the major car rental firms have counters at Ferihegy Airport. If you plan to travel outside the downtown area, a rental car is highly recommended.


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