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Sofia Airport (SOF)


The airport is located 6 miles (9 km) from the center of Sofia. There is no airport Web site, but here's a good link for public transportation in Sofia.

Unfortunately, Sofia is one of those cities where you are on your own with the taxi drivers. If you can bargain from a position of strength, by knowing a reasonable fare ahead of time, it will be much easier. The fare is negotiable and open. Currently you can expect to pay about 41,200 lev ($20).

Ignore the people in the arrivals hall offering you a taxi--they will want hard currency and will probably attempt to overcharge the inexperienced traveler. Go to the taxi stand outside the terminal. The trip will take about 20 minutes.

Another way to get from the airport is to phone or fax the concierge at your hotel and have him or her arrange a driver to pick you up. This will be at least double the amount (approximately double the taxi fare), but will provide a sense of ultimate safety and lack of stress.

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All the major car rental firms have counters at Sofia Airport. If you plan to travel outside the downtown area, a rental car is highly recommended.


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